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Ladies in Medicine

Imagine. Four women of color – who are also friends, mothers, wives, and doctors – come together to share their experiences with an audience who’s specific needs have not been addressed by any other show on the air.

Now, you don’t have to imagine anymore.

Dr. Amber Brooks, Dr. Kristen Trulear – Jackson, Dr. Tamika Knox, and Dr. LaKesha Legree are four African-American physicians who are dedicated to reducing healthcare disparities in women and communities of color. Drawing on their collective 49 years of healthcare experience, C4PEMD delivers pertinent mental, physical, and spiritual health information to women, in a transparent format, that helps them in their wellness journey and empowers them to take action.

The doctors are also not afraid to discuss issues that others may not want to put on the table. Brooks, Trulear-Jackson, Knox, and Legree are bold, powerful, and equipped to have discussions needed in the community.

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Doctors, Wives, Mothers and Friends

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